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Analysts and Ethics

While making my usual round of Tech and/or Politics sites, I saw a link and followed it to an article on a large, commercal, tech journal site.

The article was written by an anlyst working for a large, well known frim that does this sort of thing.

Just to establish my objectivity (or lack thereof), his article contained derogatory references to Linux and its advocates, to which I strongly object.

But the assertion that really caught my eye was the following:

"As an analyst I have to be able to argue both sides of a position because often we are asked to step in and help justify decisions that have already been made (not a recommended practice but one too often used)."
I was stunned by this. I still am. My immediate reaction was: "This guy just told the world that his opinion is for sale. He will advocate any position held by whoever is currently paying him. He has no integrity and is proud of it."

And that is still my reaction. I can't beleive that anyone woud say this about themselves in any context. That he said it in public, in print, amazes me.

Am I wrong about this? Is there some word I didn't understand? Am I naive?

You tell me.