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Why UCITA is so BAD
Intellectual Ammunition


UCITA is a proposed law, put together by some of the richest, most powerful software companies in America, with the design of becoming even richer and more powerful, by eliminating many consumer rights and stifling competition. It is considered by state legislatures because contract law is in the hands of the states. It has a long sorry history, including software-vendor domination of the drafting comittees and peculiar maneuvering at several stages of its developement. It has already passed the state legislatures of Virginia and is under consideration elsewhere.

Just Some of the Bad points About UCITA

Some of the low-lights of what UCITA does:

Intellectual Ammunition

This site aims to provide ammunition that can be incorporated into email and - preferably - snail mail, to be sent to state legislators and governors.

A site to visit for more information is http://www.4cite.org which has many of the links from which the information below is drawn, as well as more information about UCITA.

Many responsible individuals and organizations oppose UCITA.

Below are some summaries I've created from the web sites of these organizations, as well as links to pages I haven't summarized yet.

These are offerred in the hope that you will find them useful. I've tried to use the most convincing parts of these documents for inclusion in email.

I found some of these dificult to excerpt in a way that was accurate yet had impact. Any suggestions are welcome.

Summaries - (HTML Versions have link to full Versions)
IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) HTML Version Text version
Caterpillar HTML Version Text version
FTC (Federal Trade Commission) HTML Version Text version
Consumers Union HTML Version Text version
Principal Financial Group and
Prudential Insurance Company of America
HTML Version Text version
PC Week Magazine Text version

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